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  • Anteprojeto do Manifesto do Centro Popular de Cultura, redigido em março de 1962
    Martins, Carlos Estevam, 1936-
    The first draft of a seven-part manifesto, this document declares that the aesthetic principles of the intellectuals and artists tied to the Centro Popular de Cultura (CPC) are based on the social problems facing Brazil, issues connected to material [...]
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  • Cultura popular : esbôço de uma resenha crítica
    Leite, Sebastião Uchoa
    This essay by Sebastião Uchoa Leite is an attempt to shed light on the term “popular culture” in relation to theory and praxis and in terms of historical conditions of time and space. The author places emphasis on activities bound to the [...]
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  • Cultura posta em questão
    Gullar, Ferreira, 1930-
    This article suggests a definition of “popular culture” that acknowledges the existence of two separate groups: one that is removed from the general population (because it is focused on questions to be addressed through art), and another that is [...]
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