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  • Regina Silveira
    This newsletter announces the opening of a one-woman show of works by the Brazilian artist Regina Silveira at the CAYC in July 1975. The article includes a picture of one of her graphic pieces and her contact information expressed in the Conceptual [...]
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  • Graphiciens du Rio de la Plata
    This newsletter announces an exhibition of works by Latin American artists. The event, entitled Gráficos del Rio de la Plata, was organized by the CAYC at the Galerie S:T Petri, in Lund, Sweden, in September 1975. This gallery had always had a [...]
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  • Regina Silveira exposición
    This newsletter announces the opening of a solo exhibition of works by Regina Silveira at the CAYC in July 1975. The article includes a picture of a work by the Brazilian artist—whose style evokes a type of political Conceptualism that was both [...]
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  • Recapturing history : the (Un)official story in contemporary latin american art
    Torruella Leval, Susana
    In this document, curator and art historian Susana Torruella Leval considers works by several artists whose practices reflect an interest in articulating a particular historical consciousness that is tied to their cultural identity as Latin Americans [...]
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  • Panorama da Arte
    Silvia, Maria; Plaza, Julio, 1938-2003
    These are transcribed excerpts provided by the author, Julio Plaza, to the columnist Maria Silvia. In the document, Plaza declared that his work derived from reflecting on art as a language with an inherent system he defined as a metalanguage. He [...]
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  • Busca da dimensão mais firme para a realidade
    Plaza, Julio, 1938-2003
    This is an interview with Julio Plaza where he revealed his personal views about art, stating that he considered it a cultural product, as he did not believe it had the capability to universally please all audiences and social groups. He commented on [...]
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  • Simulacros
    Silveira, Regina, 1939
    This brief essay, by Wolfgang Pfeiffer, is the introduction to Simulacros, the exhibition of works by Regina Silveira. Pfeiffer describes it as “serious, honest work, with unusual scope, based on extensive research in the field of visualization [...]
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  • Regina Silveira e as novas poéticas
    Zanini, Walter, 1925-
    In this essay, Walter Zanini focuses on the work of Regina Silveira, which he describes as process-work based on a poetic idea outlined with strict constructive resources. The critic and curator identifies three fundamental characteristics in her art [...]
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  • Anamorfas
    Silveira, Regina, 1939
    The Brazilian artist Regina Silveira introduces the exhibition of her own works, entitled Anamorfas: um estudo sobre as aparências representadas pelos códigos projetivos. She created these works that deal with codes and seemingly simple [...]
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