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  • 77 : quase-apresentação
    Plaza, Julio
    In this essay, the Spanish artist Julio Plaza, who lives in Brazil, discusses the differences between “the work” and the “discourse about the work.” He concentrates on the links between the verbal and the nonverbal, which [...]
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  • Busca da dimensão mais firme para a realidade
    Plaza, Julio
    This is an interview with Julio Plaza where he revealed his personal views about art, stating that he considered it a cultural product, as he did not believe it had the capability to universally please all audiences and social groups. He commented on [...]
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  • Câmara obscura
    Plaza, Julio
    Julio Plaza introduces his exhibition Câmara Obscura, fully aware of the risks involved in translating a visual language into words. The result is a prim illustration that spills over into the spectators’ terrain. This work is a [...]
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  • Exposição Manifesto
    In just a few pages, the Boletim Informativo put out by the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul (MARGS) in Porto Alegre provides an account of the Exposição Manifesto held at that museum on December 9 and 10, 1976. In conjunction with the exhibition [...]
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  • Manifiesto pro integración
    Plaza, Julio
    This is a manifesto by graphic artist Julio Plaza in which he proposes that art, as relating to time and space, be integrated in an objective way, into an open environment that reverberates with life. He declared that the invention of the “artistic [...]
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  • Panorama da Arte
    Silvia, Maria; Plaza, Julio
    These are transcribed excerpts provided by the author, Julio Plaza, to the columnist Maria Silvia. In the document, Plaza declared that his work derived from reflecting on art as a language with an inherent system he defined as a metalanguage. He [...]
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