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  • La travesía del Sinaia
    This essay commemorates the first anniversary of the arrival of the Sinaia, the French ship that brought the first wave of Spanish refugees to Veracruz in 1939, and mentions that the date coincides with the shameful Nazi occupation of Paris (June [...]
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  • La declaración de la Junta de la Cultura Española
    This article states the mission of the Junta de Cultura Española [Board of Spanish Culture] (relocated to Mexico), which was to guarantee the continued spiritual aspect of Spanish culture by supporting the work of Spanish intellectuals living in [...]
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  • Cristóbal Ruiz un pintor sincero
    Best known for his portrait of Andalusian poet Antonio Machado—which hangs in the Ateneo Español de México—Cristóbal Ruiz mostly painted landscapes of Spain. He worked mainly in the region of Castilla, which he portrayed in luminous, vivid [...]
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  • Las cosas claras
    Bergamín, José, 1895-1983
    José Bergamín, a writer from Madrid living in exile in Mexico, draws up a welcoming speech as a member of the Junta de Cultura Española addressed to all of those who worked in Spain for its cultural life and for his defense. He further addresses [...]
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  • Pintura en el destierro : (Salon de la Junta de Cultura Española en mexico.-Dinamarca 80)
    Based on a visit of the exhibition at the Salón de la Junta de Cultura Española [The Salon of the Board of Spanish Culture] (originally established in Paris in 1939, but later, due to the World War II, relocated to Mexico City), the author reviews [...]
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