Name Descriptor: Salas Silva, Carlos, 1957-×
  • Espacios paralelos de recepción
    Iregui Restrepo, Jaime, 1956-
    In the text “Espacios paralelos de recepción,” Jaime Iregui, project director at the gallery Espacio Vacío, writes about the dissemination of two contemporary art projects. He leads off with the Proyecto Tándem (1990−91) as “a space for [...]
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  • Observaciones
    Iregui Restrepo, Jaime, 1956-
    “Observaciones” by Jaime Iregui, the artist and cultural agent, is the text from the first section of Tándem 2, the publication that also reported on the workshops presented at the exhibition Observaciones. Obra en Tándem con Carlos Salas [...]
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