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  • Art Systems in Latin America at the Institute of Contemporary Arts
    In this latest foray on the international stage, the CAYC presented an updated version of Arte de Sistemas en Latinoamérica in London on November 28, 1974. The exhibition, at the British ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), included works by [...]
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  • Problematic of Latin American Art
    This newsletter, which is written in English, announces the September 1975 opening of a new edition (with a different title) of Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano, the exhibition presented by the CAYC at the École cantonale des beaux- [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1476857

  • Arte de sistema en america latina. Galleria civica d'arte moderna, Palazzo dei Diamanti
    The CAYC produced this newsletter to promote the exhibition Arte de Sistemas en Latinoamérica at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, in Ferrara, Italy. The event opened on May 25, 1975, and the newsletter includes black-and-white photographs of works by [...]
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  • Participating artists
    This newsletter announces the list of participating artists in Arte de Sistemas en Latinoamérica, the traveling exhibition that was organized by the CAYC and, on this occasion, presented at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium [...]
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  • Latin Americans in Zagreb
    The CAYC restated its Third World solidarity in what was then Yugoslavia (now Croatia), where it had already organized exhibitions in the past. This newsletter includes a list of participating artists whose works were shown in that edition of the [...]
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  • Participating artists
    On the occasion of the CAYC’s foray into Belgium, this newsletter published a list of the artists whose works were shown at Arte de Sistemas en Latinoamérica, the traveling exhibition that the center presented at the Internationaal [...]
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  • Latin american art in Hochschule für bildende künste Hamburg
    As part of the Argentinean institution’s European tour in 1974, this newsletter announces the opening of an exhibition of Latin American art in July organized by the CAYC at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany, with a presentation [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1476504

  • Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano en la galería amadis_madrid
    This newsletter introduces Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano, the exhibition organized by the CAYC and shown at the Amadis gallery in Madrid. The event took place after the exhibition’s earlier runs at the III Bienal de Arte  [...]
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  • Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano
    Listado de obras de artistas argentinos e internacionales participantes de la exhibición Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano, inaugurada el 22 de junio de 1972 en la sede del CAYC. Trátase de la primera presentación en [...]
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  • Actividades próximas
    An article in this newsletter lists the exhibitions that the CAYC organized in 1972. The list includes events held at the center’s premises as well as those that were presented at the local and international institutions with which the CAYC [...]
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  • Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano en el Museo Emilio Caraffa - Córdoba
    A list of works by Argentinean and international participants in the exhibition Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano, presented at the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa, in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.   [...]
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  • Arte de sistemas en el Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo, Lima, perú, julio 1972
    This is a list of the works that were shown by Argentinean and international artists at Arte de Sistemas, the exhibition presented at the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo in Lima, Peru. The list reveals that the event in Lima included different [...]
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  • Arte de sistemas en el museo de arte moderno
    This article announces the opening of Arte de Sistemas, the exhibition presented at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Participating artists are listed by country and there is a brief description of the concept of “arte de sistemas.” [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1476292

  • La lectura del sistema
    Agrest, Diana; Gandelsonas, Mario, 1938-
    Architects and theoreticians Diana Agrest and Mario Gandelsonas assert that the work of conceptual Argentinean artist Lea Lublin is a reflection in a practical state, since it unravels the mechanisms ruling the production of images in the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 766896

  • Una arquitectura de la información
    Restany, Pierre
    Pierre Restany writes that Lea Lublin’s work Fluvio Subtunal [Sub-Tunnel Flow] (1969) is a systematic work about the structures of psycho-sensorial communication. Restany explains the development of Lublin’s production as a research into visual [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 766884

  • Proceso a la imagen III : fluvio subtunal : Instituto Di Tella - ALPI. Santa Fe, 1969
    Lublin, Lea, 1929-
    The Argentinean conceptual artist Lea Lublin describes her work Fluvio Subtunal [Sub-Tunnel Flow] (1969), created from a concept stemming from the opposition between nature and technology. The work consists of a walkthrough through nine zones of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 766873

  • De la rebelión a lo posible
    Glusberg, Jorge
    Jorge Glusberg writes that today’s artist brings forth “meta-creations,” on one side, and on the other, that his attitude must be of rebellion against society. He explains Lea Lublin’s previous works of art side by side her current ones, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 762935

  • Bestias y explosiones de Lea Lublin
    Pellegrini, Aldo
    This introductory text for Lea Lublin’s work emphasizes that the formal and informal universes are contrasted in her paintings, as are violence and lyricism in order to reflect the panic of a world populated by monsters and threatened by [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 745062

  • [Letter] 1964 Abril 9, Roma [to] León [Ferrari]
    Alberti, Rafael, 1902-1999
    Rafael Alberti discusses the proofs of the drawings for Escrito en el aire [Written in the Air] as well as other matters concerning the publication of the book. He mentions Ferrari’s exhibition at the Lirolay Gallery (April 1 – 15, 1964), and his [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 743767