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  • [Letter] 1927 April 9, Paris [to] madre y hermanas
    Vélez, Eladio, 1897- 1967
    In 1927, the painter Eladio Vélez, from Antioquia, fulfilled his dream of going to study in Europe. The letters he wrote to his family when he was a student in Europe have been copied and kept. In the one selected here (written on April 9, 1927), to [...]
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  • Dora Ramirez vuelve más atrás sobre su pintura
    Cano, Ana María
    In this interview, painter Dora Ramírez discusses different aspects of her life and her training as an artist. A European professor who saw her work at the Instituto de Artes Plásticas gave her a piece of advice that spurred her to develop her work [...]
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  • Una pintora proscrita
    Laverde Toscano, María Cristina
    By 1986, when this interview was published, artist Débora Arango was in her eighties and afflicted with health problems that prevented her from painting. Despite the fact that she did not grant many interviews due to her failing memory, in this [...]
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  • Los pintores se sublevan contra el fallo del jurado
    López López, Gustavo; Vélez, Eladio, 1897- 1967
    The decision of the jury at the painting salon presented at the Club Unión in Medellín in November 1939 incited indignation and protest amongst traditional painters from the Antioquia region. The main voices of the traditionalists were Eladio Vé [...]
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  • El arte no tiene que ver con la moral, afirma Débora Arango
    In this interview with Débora Arango Pérez by an anonymous journalist for the liberal Medellín-based newspaper El Diario, the artist discusses certain aspects of her life. She also explains her ideas about the nude genre and the relationship [...]
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  • Rúbrica : antioquia pictórica en 1939
    Mejía y Mejía, José
    The exhibition of watercolor nudes by Débora Arango created quite a stir in artistic and social circles in Medellín in late 1939. The ultraconservative opinions of the journalist José Mejía y Mejía, writing in the newspaper El Colombiano, did [...]
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  • El salón de pintores antioqueños
    Piedrahita Cardona, Jaime, 1930-
    In October 1950, a painting exhibition was held in Medellín on the occasion of a “civic week”; a number of artists from the Antioquia region participated in the event. According to the author of this article, Jaime Piedrahita Cardona, a [...]
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  • Eladio Vélez : maestro del pincel, reportaje de Ruy Blas para Gloria
    This is one of the few known interviews with Colombian painter Eladio Vélez. It was published in a cultural magazine sponsored by Fabricato, a large textile company located in the Department of Antioquia that supported the arts in the mid-twentieth [...]
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