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  • Conversation with Luigi
    Ruiz de la Mata, Ernesto
    In this interview conducted byPuerto Rican critic Ernesto Ruiz de la Mata, Italian art dealer Luigi Marrozzini recounts his experiences as the director of Galería Colibrí. Marrozzini offers a detailed account of the opening exhibition of the [...]
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  • An interview with art dealer, Luigi Marrozzini
    Ruiz de la Mata, Ernesto
    In a conversation with Puerto Rican art critic Ernesto Ruiz de la Mata, Italian art dealer Luigi Marrozzini recounts his early days as the director of Galería Colibrí in Old San Juan. Marrozzini explains why he has chosen to set up a private office [...]
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  • The Innocence of the Object Hides a Miracle
    Noé, Luis Felipe
    In these two essays by Argentine artist Luis Felipe Noé and Mexican writer Juan García Ponce respectively, the authors discuss the originality of the prints by Colombian artist Omar Rayo. Noé first states that in his prints, Rayo attempts to [...]
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  • Nuevos grabados de Rafael Tufiño
    Marqués, René, 1919-1979
    Distinguished Puerto Rican writer René Marqués discusses recent prints by Rafael Tufiño, which he finds less aggressive and dramatic and more sentimental and nostalgic than Tufiño’s earlier work. Marqués begins by describing the first phase of [...]
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  • Reglas del juego
    Díaz-Royo, Antonio
    In the catalogue to the exhibition Juegos de manos held at the Galería Colibrí in 1968, historian and biographer Antonio Díaz Royo discusses “sleights of hands,” the title of the show in which Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell exhibited [...]
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  • [Omar Rayo Ha creado un lenguaje...]
    Pizarro, Agueda, 1941-
    In this text, poet Águeda Pizarro—wife of Colombian artist Omar Rayo—analyzes her husband’s geometric production. She examines the visual vocabulary and aesthetic problems that Rayo formulated in his earlier work (specifically the themes of [...]
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  • [La presente muestra de grabados...]
    Ruiz de la Mata, Ernesto
    In this text written on the occasion of the exhibition L’Avant-Garde held at the Galería Colibrí (1965), Puerto Rican critic Ernesto Ruiz de la Mata discusses what he considers an interesting show of avant-garde prints by artists from different [...]
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  • Introducción
    Ayllón, José
    Spanish artist José Ayllón states that Puerto Rican artist Marcos Irizarry has focused on the etching medium and worked intensively to increase its importance in Puerto Rico. Ayllón’s essay discusses the relationship between the etching [...]
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  • Introducción
    Eichenberg, Fritz
    German-American illustrator Fritz Eichenberg comments on the graphic work of Uruguayan artist Antonio Frasconi, a figure who, in Eichenberg’s view, continues to come up with avant-garde formulations after twenty-five years of intensive work. [...]
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  • [Tanto los pronósticos entonces inciertos,...]
    Marrozini, Luigi
    In this introduction to an exhibition of prints held to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Galería Colibrí, Italian art dealer Luigi Marrozzini thanks the Puerto Rican public for the reception his gallery has received. He [...]
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  • Introducción
    Marrozzini, Luigi
    Written in 1966 on the occasion of the exhibition of prints by Puerto Rican artist José R. Alicea, this introduction by Luigi Marrozzini—an Italian art dealer who lived in Puerto Rico and directed the Galería Colibrí—places emphasis on Alicea [...]
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  • Introducción
    Marrozzini, Luigi
    In 1963, a group exhibition of Puerto Rican graphic art was organized under the title: Exposición Colectiva de Grabados Puertorriqueños: Pequeña Retrospectiva [Small Retrospective]. Regarding the exhibition, the Italian art buyer Luigi Marrozzini [...]
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  • Marrozzini y la mediocridad : notas sobre declaraciones de Luigi Marrozzini, Director de la Galería Colibrí en la revista Avance con fecha del 7 de febrero de 1973
    Homar, Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Homar harshly criticizes Luigi Marrozzini, director of the Galería Colibrí in Old San Juan, for certain statements in Revista Avance. Homar asserts that Marrozzini was not the founder of the Galería Colibrí or the Bienal de San Juan de [...]
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  • [Letter] 1971 December 6, San Juan, Puerto Rico [to] H. D. Glicksman
    Marrozzini, Luigi
    Luigi Marrozzini, director of the Galería Colibrí in San Juan, provides H.D. Glicksman with information about the Portafolio Latinoamericano, which consists of twenty-two original prints, mostly etchings and lithographs produced in signed, limited [...]
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  • [Letter] 1970 November 9, Madrid, Spain [to] Lorenzo Homar
    Zachrisson, Julio
    Panamanian artist Julio Zachrisson congratulates Lorenzo Homar on the poster he created for his exhibition. He also congratulates him on his selection as a member of the jury of the festival in Cali, Colombia. He asks Homar to talk to Luigi [...]
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  • [Letter] 1973 Marzo 6, Miramar, Puerto Rico [to] Ricardo Alegría
    Homar, Lorenzo
    Puerto Rican artist Lorenzo Homar tells Ricardo Alegría, director of the Instituto Puertorriqueña [Institute of Puerto Rican Culture], what happened to Homar’s portfolio, Tres estrofas de amor para soprano [Three Stanzas of Love for Soprano], [...]
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  • Antonio Sequí
    Pieyre de Mandiargues, André, 1909-1991
    This short essay was written for the 1969 exhibition catalog of lithographs by Argentine artist Antonio Seguí held at the Galería Colibrí in Puerto Rico. In it, French writer André Pieyre de Mandiargues (1909–1991) asserts that Seguí is an [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 860059

  • Desde la Bohardilla de Centroamérica
    Montero, Isaac
    Writer Isaac Montero, who is from Madrid, asserts that the work of Panamanian printmaker Julio Zachrisson must be understood in a specific political and geographic context. Historical awareness plays a decisive role in the development of any artist [...]
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  • El nuevo libro de José Luis Cuevas
    Gómez Sicre, José
    Cuban art promoter José Gómez Sicre comments on the graphic notebooks, which he prefers to call “books of graphic experiences,” by Mexican draftsman José Luis Cuevas. Gómez Sicre asserts that Cuevas’s staunchly pessimistic view of the human [...]
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