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  • El V Salón de artistas colombianos : variaciones sobre el arte y la crítica en Colombia
    Ariza, Gonzalo, 1912-
    Colombian artist Gonzalo Ariza addresses three issues in this article. First, the fifth edition of the Salón Nacional de Artistas, which he describes as a “success” in terms of attendance, the participating artists, and the quality of the works [...]
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  • [La Dirección de la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes...]
    Leudo, Coriolano, 1866-1957
    The book Artistas colombianos: Epifanio Garay, which was written by Colombian artist Coriolano Leudo Obando at an unknown date, is divided into two parts: a brief introductory essay on the life of academic artist Epifanio Garay Caicedo and twenty-one [...]
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  • Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes
    Pizarro, Carlos Miguel
    The brochure for the “Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes” [National Exhibition of Fine Arts], written by Carlos Miguel Pizarro on October 15, 1899 criticizes the procedures that were followed for awarding prizes at that year’s National [...]
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  • Bellas Artes
    Manrique Convers, Pedro Carlos
    After discussing the artistic development of Colombian painter Epifanio Garay, and mentioning his time at the Académie Julian in Paris and his interest in and knowledge of the works in the Louvre, the author turns to Garay’s portraits. Manrique [...]
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  • Un maestro de la pintura : Garay
    Santos, Gustavo, 1892-1967
    A number of years after the death of Colombian painter Epifanio Garay, an exhibition comprising forty of his portraits was held at the Academia de la Lengua. In this text, critic Gustavo Santos Montejo asserts that the quality of the work in the [...]
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  • De cómo se expresa en arte el pueblo colombiano
    López de Mesa, Luis, 1884- 1967
    In “De cómo se expresa en arte el pueblo colombiano” [On How Colombians Express Themselves in Art] (1934), the Colombian intellectual Luis López de Mesa reviews the history of Colombian art during the colonial period. He describes this period [...]
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  • Las artes plásticas en Colombia en el siglo XX
    Acuña, Luis Alberto, 1904-1994
    This article provides a brief overview of Colombian art and a diagnosis of its general state in 1942. Luis Alberto Acuña asserts that Colombian art history can be divided into three distinct periods: the pre-Hispanic, the viceregal, and the [...]
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