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  • "Un mes de desahogos pasionales" : llama B. Salcedo su exposición
    By way of a brief interview, this text announces the opening of Bernardo Salcedo’s exhibition, Un mes de desahogos pasionales, at UD gallery in Parque de la Independencia in Bogotá. It explains that once the show is over, the works in it will [...]
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  • Arte moderno en Colombia : de comienzos de siglo a las manifestaciones más recientes
    Rubiano Caballero, Germán, 1938-
    In this text, historian and critic Germán Rubiano Caballero provides an overview of Colombian art from the twenties through the eighties. He analyzes each decade on the basis of two key criteria: how the modern is constructed and the tension between [...]
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  • Con salvedad de un jurado, Salcedo ganó el primer premio : concurso de pintura Dante
    This article reports on the jury’s decision in the Dante Alighieri painting competition sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Colombia in1966. It also mentions the origins of the controversy that arose between the Italian Embassy’s representative, [...]
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  • Después del límite : dibujo y pintura
    Iovino Moscarella, María, 1962-
    Entitled “En la historia” [In History], this introduction to Después del límite [Beyond the Limit] summarizes critic and researcher María Iovino’s thinking on drawing and painting. Iovino asserts that Paul Cézanne was one of the artists [...]
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  • El arte colombiano busca el concepto
    Guerrero, María Teresa, 1941-; Pini, Ivonne
    Included in the art history research paper La experimentación en el arte colombiano del siglo XX, written by María Teresa Guerrero and Ivonne Pini, is a chapter entitled “El arte colombiano busca el concepto”. This section refers to the visual [...]
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  • El premio Dante Alighieri : otra obra llamada a suscitar problemas : el jurado del XVII censurada por no haber aceptado la obra de Bernardo Salcedo. Pero ahora... ¿qué vendrá?
    Parra Martínez, Nohra
    This document is the announcement of the Dante Alighieri prize, organized by the Italian Embassy in Colombia. In the painting category, the winner was the Colombian artist Bernardo Salcedo, with a nonpictorial work. This press release describes the [...]
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  • En la cultura : no son todos los que están ni están todos lo que son : un Festival Americano de Pintura que debe ajustarse
    This newspaper article is about the first Festival Americano de Pintura, organized by the IAC (Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo) and the Asociación Cultural Jueves as part of the Festivales de Lima. The article quotes the Argentinean critic and [...]
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  • Exposición conceptual de Bernardo Salcedo
    de Vieco, Beatriz
    In this text, Colombian journalist Beatriz de Vieco describes the conceptual works by Bernardo Salcedo featured in the November 1970 exhibition at the Sala Vásquez Ceballos of the National Library of Colombia in Bogotá. According to de Vieco, the [...]
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  • La cultura no en-caja : autoentrevista de Bernardo Salcedo
    Salcedo, Bernardo, 1939-2007
    This conversation with the Colombian artist Bernardo Salcedo focuses exclusively on his views on cultural policies, a field in which he carried some weight. The document explains what Salcedo understands by self-management models and describes the [...]
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  • La III Bienal de Arte Americano : "Se me hizo justicia", dice Bernardo Salcedo
    Moreno, José A.
    This newspaper article contains Bernardo Salcedo’s statements about the Primer Premio de Adquisición he was awarded at the III Bienal de Arte Americano held in Cordoba, Argentina in 1966. Salcedo compares this decision with the one made by the [...]
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  • Los pintores rechazan Salón Anual sin premios
    Garzón, Miguel
    Miguel Garzón, the journalist with the Bogotá newspaper El Espectador reported on the decision to eliminate prizes and honorable mentions at the XXIII Salón de Artistas Nacionales [XXIII National Artists’ Salon] in 1972. In his article, Garzón [...]
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  • Los que son
    Traba, Marta
    This document is excerpted from the catalogue for Los que son [Those Who Are], the exhibition organized by Marta Traba at the Galería Marta Traba in Bogotá (May 3–16, 1968). The catalogue includes ten brief critical and biographical reviews of [...]
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  • Panorama actual
    Rubiano Caballero, Germán, 1938-
    This chapter of the encyclopedia Historia del arte colombiano [History of Colombian Art] written by Germán Rubiano is divided into three parts. In the first part, Rubiano discusses the art that is referred to in the chapter and that he considers to [...]
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  • Proyectos premiados
    Gloria Zea, the director of the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá, Ángel Kalenberg, manager of the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales of Montevideo, Uruguay, and Axel Stein, director of the exhibition hall of the Fundación Eugenio Mendoza, in Caracas [...]
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  • Recordando con ira
    Traba, Marta
    In this text, critic Marta Traba reviews the exhibition entitled Pintura y Grabado Hoy en Venezuela [Painting and Printmaking in Venezuela Today] held at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango in Bogotá in 1968. She questions the representativeness of [...]
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  • Salcedo : un artista vivo e independiente
    Thisinvitation to an exhibition of recent works by Colombian artist Bernardo Salcedo at the Galería Belarca in Bogota gathers texts by different critics that defend or explain Salcedo’s work, placing it in the context of the art world. These [...]
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  • Salcedo vuelve y juega ... y gana
    Salcedo, Bernardo, 1939-2007
    This text signed by “Germán Lleras de Francisco”—the pseudonym that Bernardo Salcedo used in some of the critical texts he published in the newspaper El Tiempo—describes the exhibition of Salcedo’s own work, entitled Bernardo Salcedo, held [...]
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