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  • La Galería de Antonio Souza : una lección a los burócratas del arte
    García, Socorro
    This article by Socorro García is a review of writer Antonio Souza’s tenure as the owner of the gallery that bore his name in Mexico City. After recounting the beginnings of his career, the journalist states the concerns that led him to open the [...]
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  • Reflexiones sobre una exposición
    Henestrosa, Andrés
    In this short article, Andrés Henestrosa refers to the recent exhibition of German Expressionist painting organized by the Galería Antonio Souza in Mexico City. Starting with the exhibition, the writer analyzes the origins of the movement, [...]
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  • Exhibit Staged by ‘Fed-Ups’
    Weber, David
    David Weber describes the inauguration of the exhibition Los hartos [The Fed-Ups] at the Galeria Antonio Souza: Background oboe music can be heard, in the center of a table a small plate with chicken and vegetables, an egg, and together with the [...]
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  • La vacilada como punto final
    Nelken, Margarita
    Margarita Nelken describes the Second Biennial for Young Artists, in Paris, and the exhibition of the Los hartos [Fed Up] group in the Galería Antonio Souza in Mexico City as the end of one era and the beginning of another. The Los hartos “ [...]
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