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  • El Rojas como centro
    The text succinctly describes the nature of the gallery at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas when it states that the artists it presents are those who “do not have access to the traditional exhibition centers.” It concludes by reporting that [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 770168

  • Gumier Maier, Alfredo Londaibere, Benito Laren, Omar Schiliro
    This is the invitation card from the exhibition by Jorge Gumier-Maier, Alfredo Londaibere, Benito Laren, and Omar Schiliro at Espacio Giesso [Giesso Space] (from July 22 to August 2, 1992 [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 770046

  • Una recorrida desde Ezcurra hasta Londaibere
    Lebenglik, Fabián
    This article reviews a number of exhibitions, including Alfredo Londaibere’s show at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas. The reviewer describes Londaibere’s work as “a nod to a variety of styles used in romantic landscape painting that includes [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 769342

  • Alfredo Londaitzbehere : Mapas y Pinturas
    Text from the catalogue of the Alfredo Londaitzbehere. Mapas y Pinturas exhibition, organized at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas from July 31 to August 22, 1989. It displays the artist’s career, in addition to his personal data and a list of the [...]
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  • [Alfredo Londaibere invita]
    Lodaitzbehere, Alfredo
    Invitation to Alfredo Londaibere’s exhibition (Buenos Aires: Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, June, 1991 [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 769200

  • El absurdo y la ficción en una notable muestra
    López Anaya, Jorge
    The article reviews the exhibition by artists Jorge Gumier-Maier, Benito Laren, Omar Schiliro, and Alfredo Londaibere in the Espacio Giesso, which took place in August 1992. Besides briefly describing the works of each of the artists, it makes a [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 768308