Name Descriptor: Pou, Miguel, 1880-1968×
  • Don Miguel Pou
    Ferré, Rosario
    Writer Rosario Ferré begins this essay remembering painter Miguel Pou and his home in the small city of Ponce in the late nineteenth century. Ferré claims that Pou was as important to Puerto Rican visual arts as the more widely recognized painters [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1062833

  • Miguel Pou, mentor de generaciones
    Cintrón García, Arturo
    Arturo Cintrón García recounts his experience as a disciple of Puerto Rican painter Miguel Pou. He remembers going to Pou’s home studio in the small city of Ponce where Pou gave art classes in the early twentieth century. After discussing the [...]
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  • Notas en torno a la pintura puertorriqueña de Oller a los cuarenta
    Delgado Mercado, Osiris
    The Puerto Rican artist and art historian Osiris Delgado outlines the history of Puerto Rican painting, spanning the period that began with Francisco Oller (in the nineteenth century) and ended in the 1940s. Delgado recalls that early twentieth- [...]
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  • Reflexiones sobre el arte regional
    Torres Martinó, José Antonio, 1916-2011
    This article, written by the artist and essayist José A. Torres Martinó, explores the subject of regionalism in Puerto Rican art and its role in the early twentieth century, and discusses the regional-universalist expression of a group of artists [...]
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