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  • Preface
    Lerma Bowerman, Liz
    This document is a brief introduction to the major conceptual underpinnings of the 1990 exhibition and symposium, Post-Chicano Generation in Art: Breaking Boundaries. Liz Lerma Bowerman suggests that while the definition of post-Chicano art has yet [...]
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  • Negotiated frontiers : contemporary chicano photography
    González, Jennifer A.
    In this essay, art historian Jennifer A. González examines the works of six Chicano/a photographers: Miguel Gandert, Delilah Montoya, Harry Gamboa, Jr., Kathy Vargas, Christina Fernandez, and Robert C. Buitrón. She compares the formal and [...]
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  • A true barrio art
    Ytuarte, Eddie (Edy)
    “A True Barrio” by Edy (Eddie Ytuarte) is part essay, part interview. Edy introduces the essay with a brief review of the work by Harry Gamboa, Gronk, and Willie Herrón exhibited at Mechicano Art Gallery in East Los Angeles in 1972. The author [...]
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  • ASCO
    Gamboa, Harry, Jr.
    In this essay, Harry Gamboa, Jr. profiles the Chicano artist collective, ASCO, to which he belonged. He highlights Walking Mural (1972) as the performance that first introduced the group to the Chicano community. He describes how ASCO followed this [...]
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  • Interview : Gronk and Gamboa
    The first and longest section of this document is presented as an interview between Harry Gamboa Jr. and Gronk, two of the members of the artist group, ASCO. In it, the artists describe the conceptual media genre called “No Movies,” which they [...]
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