Name Descriptor: Barney, Alicia, 1952-×
  • Alicia Barney : el paisaje alternativo : aferrada al drama que la naturaleza provoca
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    The article “Alicia Barney: el paisaje alternativo, aferrada al drama que la naturaleza provoca” [Alicia Barney: The alternative landscape, clinging to the drama that nature brings] by Colombian critic Miguel González was published in the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1078601

  • Alicia Barney entre la realidad del arte y la de la vida
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    Critic Miguel González begins this interview with Alicia Barney acknowledging the seriousness with which she undertakes her work. The conversation, which took place in 1983, addresses Barney’s experience starting with her academic training in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1087494

  • En el proceso regional de la autobiovanguardia
    Aguilar, José Hernán, 1952-
    The critic, José Hernán Aguilar, presents Alicia Barney as one of the Colombian artists who developed visual work that brought various kinds of ideas into play in the 1980s. The themes she portrayed included personal, regional, political, national [...]
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  • Propuesta para una doble lectura
    Traba, Marta
    The article “Propuesta para una doble lectura” is a statement of principle as well as a thesis that Marta Traba formulated on the occasion of an exhibition of Modern Colombian art in Paris. In this text, Traba provides a periodization of [...]
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