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  • "De nuevo" Los Disidentes
    González Bogen, Carlos
    In this brief review Carlos González Bogen, a member of the Los Disidentes group, adopts a rather critical tone to discuss the negative aspects of an anonymous newspaper report—“De nuevo Los Disidentes,” published in the Márgenes column in [...]
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  • [Muchos serán los que interpretarán nuestra actitud como manifestación de odios personales...]
    In this third issue of Los Disidentes [The Dissidents] (Paris, 1950), the authors reject the potential arguments against their movement; which only seek to distort the true intentions of the authors. They reaffirm the seriousness of their commitment [...]
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  • [Nosotros no vinimos a París a seguir cursos de diplomacia...]
    In this fifth and last issue of Los Disidentes [The Dissidents] (Paris, 1950) magazine, which states as its purpose to “severely” attack the cultural reality of Venezuela, which [the group] describes as “false,” and with the intention of [...]
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  • Alrededor de la historia de "Los Disidentes" : respuesta a "Historia de una mítica disidencia" publicada por la Barraca de Mari-Pérez, en Últimas Noticias, el 9 de julio de 1950.
    Erminy, Perán; Guevara Moreno, Luis, 1926-; Debourg, Narciso, 1925-
    In this article, the group of Venezuelan artists called Los Disidentes (Paris, 1950) responded to the attacks launched at them in the Caracas press by the artists association La Barraca de Mari-Pérez (Caracas, 1947). Describing how their group got [...]
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  • Con Luis Guevara Moreno
    Delgado, Lenelina
    In this interview, Luis Guevara Moreno tells the journalist Lenelina Delgado that the best way to produce an ‘anthological’ exhibition is to do it when the artist in question is dead, and cannot intervene and pressure the organizers to make a [...]
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  • Historia de una mítica disidencia
    La Barraca de Mari-Pérez (Caracas, 1945)
    In this article the group of artists known as La Barraca de Mari-Pérez (Caracas, 1945), based in Mexico at the time, attacked what they considered to be the false revolutionary pretentions of the group Los Disidentes (Paris, 1950), and declined the [...]
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  • La pintura en Venezuela : Guevara Moreno y la realidad
    Guillent Pérez, J. R.
    The writer J. R. Guillent Pérez interviews Luis Guevara Moreno. The conversation reveals, in great detail, why the Venezuelan painter stopped working in an abstract style. Guevara Moreno states that the concerns and “anxieties of people today” [...]
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  • Los disidentes de 1948
    Guillent Pérez, J. R.
    The philosophy student in Paris, J. R. Guillent Pérez, tells the basic reasons that led a group of Venezuelan artists to form the group, Los Disidentes [The Dissidents], in Paris in 1950. He believes that the fact that he was a participant right [...]
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  • Los principales artistas venezolanos proceden de Los Disidentes
    Sanhueza, María Cristina
    In this interview, journalist María Cristina Sanhueza takes up the opinion of J. R. Guillent Pérez regarding the assertions of Oswaldo Vigas, which question the contribution of Los Disidentes [The Dissidents] (Paris, 1950) to Venezuelan art. After [...]
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  • Manifiesto: Cuatro Muros
    Galería Cuatro Muros (Caracas, Venezuela)
    This text, presented as the manifesto of Galería Cuatro Muros [Four Walls Gallery], is based on the idea that all true artists are both “creators” and, therefore, “destroyers.” It recognizes the worth of abstract art for displacing interest [...]
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  • Mateo Manaure dice adiós al arte por el arte : el reencuentro con la figuración
    Yepes, Esteban
    Journalist Esteban Yepes interviews Mateo Manaure for his exhibition Mirar a América [Look to America], which signals his return to figurative [art]. The Venezuelan painter discusses the need to express himself in a new language, but clarifies that [...]
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  • Vigas en el ojo ajeno : plástica e identidad latinoamericana
    Montero Castro, Roberto
    Venezuelan critic Roberto Montero Castro here examines some of the opinions arising from the declarations made by Oswaldo Vigas. The author laments the “tono parroquial” [parochial tone] of the replies to the Venezuelan painter, because they do [...]
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