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  • Notas Purgativas : para “Martín Fierro”
    This article criticizes the magazine, Martin Fierro, for adding the foreigner, Waldemar George, as an associate [...]
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  • El último número de “Martín Fierro”
    This article examines from a critical perspective the latest issue of Martín Fierro. In the author’s judgment, the publication has become stale given that it has lost its initial “aggressiveness [...]
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  • Campo de Agramante
    Pettoruti, Emilio, 1892-1971
    This article reproduces a letter sent by painter Emilio Pettoruti to Martín Fierro; in it he makes it clear that the letter has not met with acceptance by the magazine.  It responds to an article published in Martín Fierro regarding a text that [...]
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  • Otra para “Martín Fierro”
    This article is a critique of Martín Fierro magazine for “having railed against the fact that none of our newspapers reported on Rainer’s death,” while that same publication did not take notice of the death of the Argentinean “poet” [...]
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  • Martin Fierro
    Girondo, Oliverio, 1891-1967; Méndez, Evar, 1888 -1955
    This document reports on the editing and organization carried out at Martín Fierro, Periódico quincenal de arte y crítica libre [Martín Fierro, An Open Bimonthly Journal of Art and Criticism], which was published [every two weeks] in 1925 [...]
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  • “Martín Fierro” y Marinetti
    The article points out the importance of the activity brought forth by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in “our milieu” as a “very valuable collaboration to the renovation movement,” started—long ago—by the group involved in the publication Mart [...]
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