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  • Resumen del Congreso Nacional de Escritores y Artistas convocado por la LEAR
    This extensive document covers the various phases of the Liga de Escritores y Artistas Revolucionarios [LEAR, League of Revolutionary Writers and Artists] and the international causes the organization supported. Despite being billed as a “Congreso [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 779402

  • La labor social de Bellas Artes
    Gómez Maganda, Margarito
    This document lists the activities of José Muñoz Cota, the director of the Department of Fine Arts for the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública) [Ministry of Public Education], as well as his aesthetic criteria for the visual and literary arts. [...]
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  • La exposición de carteles en la Casa del Pueblo
    This document provides a bibliographic reference for the poster exhibition at the Casa del Pueblo [House of the People]—located in the historic center of Mexico City— where labor union assemblies and meetings took place. Rosendo Salazar, an [...]
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  • La exposición de carteles revolucionarios
    This document is a bibliographic reference for the poster exhibition presented in Mexico City, which also traveled to other places in the republic. This document also refers to the opening of the exhibition in the city of Puebla in December 1934. In [...]
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