Name Descriptor: Salazar, Rosendo, 1888-1971×
  • La exposición de carteles en la Casa del Pueblo
    This document provides a bibliographic reference for the poster exhibition at the Casa del Pueblo [House of the People]—located in the historic center of Mexico City— where labor union assemblies and meetings took place. Rosendo Salazar, an [...]
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  • Rosendo Salazar artista y poeta
    This article describes the lyrical spirit—pervaded by a proletarian ideology—that characterizes the work of the poet, painter and Mexican worker Rosendo Salazar. The author considers his work part of the school that sees art as a powerful medium [...]
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  • Rosendo Salazar exhibe su obra socialista
    This article reports on painter Rosendo Salazar’s show at the Galería de Arte Moderno, under the authority of the Dirección General de Acción Educativa del Departmento del Distrito Federal (DDF) [Directorate for Educational Action at the Mexico [...]
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