Name Descriptor: Izcue, Elena, 1889-1970×
  • El arte peruano antiguo como elemento de afirmación racial : los cuadernos de dibujo de Elena Izcue
    Portal, Magda
    This article was written by the Peruvian politician and writer, Magda Portal, focusing on the work of the artist, Elena Izcue. In Portal’s opinion, looking at the past would not represent a step backward, since the past is where we find the promise [...]
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  • Elena Izcue
    Mayer de Zulen, Dora
    This article by the Peruvian writer, Dora Mayer, focuses on the work of the artist, Elena Izcue, who managed to tie “el hilo flotante de la cultura incaica al hilo extirado [sic] de la cultura actual” [the floating thread of Inca culture to a [...]
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  • En el Museo Nacional : un ensayo de decoración estilo incaico
    Martínez, Alberto J.
    This article by Alberto J. Martínez discusses the use of stylized pre-Hispanic motifs to decorate one of the galleries of the Museo Nacional de Lima. In his view, “every effort to bolster a genuinely Peruvian form of artistic expression represents [...]
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  • Las hermanas Izcue y el arte peruano
    In this essay, a local editor reported that the New York exhibition comprised both works by the Izcue sisters (Elena and Victoria) as well as pre-Hispanic pieces. Such an approach, he writes, demonstrates “a revival” based on the “search for [...]
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  • Las señoritas Izcue y el arte del antiguo Perú
    Larco Herrera, Rafael, 1872-1956
    This text by Rafael Larco Herrera discusses the careers of Peruvian artists Elena and Victoria Izcue. The author mentions specifically Elena’s workbook El arte peruano en la escuela, published in 1926, which earned a great deal of acclaim in Peru [...]
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  • Un loable esfuerzo por el arte incaico : Prólogo
    García Calderón, Ventura, 1886-1959
    This publication reproduces the prologue that Peruvian writer and diplomat Ventura García Calderón wrote to the book El arte peruano en la escuela by Peruvian artist Elena Izcue, as well as an essay by Peruvian educator Elvira García y García [...]
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  • Un noble ideal artístico : las hermanas Izcue en París
    Miró Quesada de la Guerra, Oscar, 1884-1981
    This text is an interview by Peruvian journalist and intellectual Óscar Miró Quesada de la Guerra, writing under the pseudonym of “Racso,” with Peruvian artist Elena Izcue. The author indicates that, before they left for Paris—where the [...]
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  • Una artista peruana en París
    García y García, Elvira
    In this text, Elvira García y García asserts that, in Paris, Elena Izcue is considered “an outstanding artist, creator of a very special strain of art.” Though Izcue has triumphed at the annual shows of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes ( [...]
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  • Una charla con Elena y Victoria Izcue, dos espíritus de calidad artística
    In this interview with the sisters Elena and Victoria Izcue, the editor states that they are “notably national artists who have known how to nobly disseminate the motives of Peruvian art abroad.” He highlights their effort in making themselves [...]
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