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  • Nuestros escultores discriminados : El arte en manos de personajes que tienen sus favoritos
    This article publishes statements by sculptors Federico Canessi, Alberto Tamariz, José María Fernández Urbina, and Ignacio Asúnsolo based on the content of a short article published in Extra the previous day. The interviewed artists talk about [...]
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  • Encuesta sobre Escultura
    This magazine questionnaire on Mexican sculpture surveyed four sculptors, two painters, and an architect. The questions were as follows: (1) Is Mexican sculpture involved in our current period of revolutionary construction? (2) Given its admirable [...]
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  • La Asociación de Pintores y Escultores instaló sus talleres
    The article reports on the creation of the Asociación de Pintores y Escultores Independientes located at the Calle Reloj, 6 in Mexico City. Its members included the artists José Clemente Orozco, José María. Fernández Urbina, David Alfaro [...]
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