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  • "Oh Colo how you perform contradiction? let we count the ways" : Martha Wilson in conversation with Papo Colo
    Wilson, Martha, 1947-; Colo, Papo
    In this conversation between Nuyorican artist Papo Colo, and feminist performance artist Martha Wilson, Colo describes his performances from 1976 to 1986 in chronological order. The conversation with her provides succinct descriptions of the [...]
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  • [Colo emerges from a tradition that emphasizes and inventing of art more than a making of art]
    Ingberman, Jeanette, 1952-2011
    This essay by curator Jeannette Ingberman analyzes ten years of work by Papo Colo in painting, sculpture, drawing, and performance. According to the author, Colo’s work explores the metaphysical and the spiritual, incorporating organic forms and [...]
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  • [Sometimes he has two heads, many masks, four eyes, or fish for genitals...]
    Lippard, Lucy
    Renowned art critic Lucy Lippard compares Papo Colo’s artistry to an island like his native Puerto Rico that is also striving for independence. Trying to relate Colo’s painting style to what had become the shadow term of “expressionism,” she [...]
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  • Introduction
    Roulet, Laura
    In this essay, independent curator Laura Roulet maintains that Puerto Rican artists Rafael Ferrer, Antonio Martorell, Papo Colo, Ernesto Pujol, Pepon Osorio, Dahara Rivera, Charles Juhasz, and Arnaldo Morales have advanced the practice of [...]
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  • The Guagua Aérea : one-way or round trip?
    Roulet, Laura
    In this essay, independent curator Laura Roulet provides a biographical sketch of Rafael Ferrer, Papo Colo, and Antonio Martorell, all Puerto Rican-born artists who were the first generation of Puerto Rican artists to dedicate themselves to [...]
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  • Towards aesthetics in the Americas
    Ruiz, Miguel Angel
    In this essay, artist Miguelangel Ruiz, born in Puerto Rico and based in New York City, maintains that the politicization of identity in the United States has burdened artists of non-European descent by pigeonholing them into categories that [...]
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