Name Descriptor: Camargo, Sérgio de, 1930-1990×
  • Depoimentos : Sérgio Camargo
    Interlenghi, Luiza
    The curator Luiza Intermenghi interviews the Brazilian artist Sérgio Camargo, asking him about his involvement in what came to be known as the Salão Preto e Branco (Black-and-White Salon) (1954) in Rio de Janeiro. Camargo explains that [...]
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  • Camargo
    Camargo, Sérgio de, 1930-1990; Gimpel Fils
    This is the catalogue published to accompany Camargo, the exhibition organized by the Gimpel Fils gallery in London. The Brazilian artist Sérgio Camargo’s works were exhibited there from November 17 through December 5, 1970. The [...]
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  • IV Bienal do Museu de Arte Moderna
    Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo
    The first Bienal Internacional de São Paulo at the Museu de Arte Moderna en São Paulo (MAM-SP) was presented in 1951; it was a groundbreaking event outside of Europe, attracting the sort of attention usually reserved for the Venice [...]
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  • Atrás da tradição
    Naves, Rodrigo, 1955-
    The author of this article, Rodrigo Naves, explains that Ronaldo Brito’s essay presents an overview of a movement that was representative of contemporary Brazilian art. Naves also suggests that Brito’s critique attempts to understand works that [...]
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  • Camargo
    Brito, Ronaldo; Camargo, Sérgio de
    Ronaldo Brito understands Sérgio Camargo’s work as experimental contemporary sculpture, executed in a way that combines elements, although it is always concerned with volume and organic principles. In this 1990 article, Brito discusses the artist [...]
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  • Camargo
    Brett, Guy
    Guy Brett analyzes the relief carvings on wood done by Sérgio [de] Camargo in the 1960s, and comments on the materials, light, and surface. He mentions the artist’s use of wooden cylinders in a geometric as well as an organic sense, relating them [...]
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  • Sérgio Camargo
    Clay, Jean
    In this 1967 text, the French art critic and writer Jean Clay analyzes the work of the sculptor Sérgio Camargo. He suggests two ways of interpreting the work of the Brazilian artist: on the one hand, that of surfaces and volume as modulations, and, [...]
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  • Exorcizando o "Exoticado"
    Machado, Milton, 1947-
    Artist Milton Machado discusses the response abroad, specifically in England, to the group show Continuum Brazilian Art 1960s–1990s, held in Essex in 1995. Machado comments on the appeal of a certain “exoticism” attributed to [...]
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  • Order and the madness of order
    Brito, Ronaldo
    In this article, typewritten in English, entirely in lower-case letters, that includes the writer’s handwritten corrections, the critic Ronaldo Brito discusses Sérgio [de] Camargo’s work in generalities rather than specifics. Brito distinguishes [...]
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  • Encuentros y coincidencias en el arte de América Latina entre oposiciones y antagonismos
    Ambrosini, Silvia de
    The Argentine critic Silvia de Ambrosini claims that there have always been “opponents” in the art field. In her opinion, these “opponents” are what revitalizes the creative atmosphere. She says that in Latin American art & [...]
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