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  • La busca de la plenitud
    This is a review of an exhibition of paintings by young Spanish artists living in exile in Mexico. It remarks on the group’s preference for depth over variety, in keeping with their vision of pondering deeply all aspects of their lives. Their [...]
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  • Enrique Climent
    Climent Palahi, Enric
    The anonymous author of this essay discusses landscapes by Enrique Climent, the painter living in exile, referring to the artist’s restraint and sparseness, and exemplifies, as in his painting of a simple track with a clump of trees to one side. [...]
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  • Climent : Pintor intemporal : Consideraciones sobre su pintura
    Renau, Juan
    Juan [sic, Josep] Renau begins by pointing to the contradictions inherent in an art criticism that examines an artist’s work armed with scant understanding of the difficulties involved in creation. In the first place, an artist’s production does [...]
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  • Galería de Arte de la Librería de Cristal : Exposición Hispano Mexicana
    Varela, Lorenzo
    In this article, Lorenzo Varela reviews the work of two of the artists who took part in a Hispanic-American exhibition: the Mexican painter Juan Soriano, and Mariano Rodríguez Orgaz, the Spaniard living in exile in Mexico. Focusing his critical eye [...]
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  • Pintura en el destierro : (Salon de la Junta de Cultura Española en mexico.-Dinamarca 80)
    Based on a visit of the exhibition at the Salón de la Junta de Cultura Española [The Salon of the Board of Spanish Culture] (originally established in Paris in 1939, but later, due to the World War II, relocated to Mexico City), the author reviews [...]
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  • Motivos críticos : Dos exposiciones, dos artistas
    Guzmán, Salvador R.
    This article refers to two exhibitions that were sponsored by the Colegio de México about the exiled artists Enrique Climent and Antonio Rodríguez Luna, citing them as examples of two painters who succeeded in centering their spirit. These are two [...]
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