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  • Directrices
    Casanovas, Martí, 1894-1966; Ichaso, Francisco, 1901-1962; Mañach, Jorge, 1898-1961; Marinello, Juan, 1898-1977; Tallet, José Zacarías, 1893-1989
    In this June 15, 1927 issue of Revista de avance, the “Guidelines” section includes five brief articles. The first is a response to an article published by Regino E. Boti (1878–1958) in the journal Orto about “1927.” The [...]
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  • Pierre Flouquet
    Casanovas, Martí, 1894-1966
    In this article, the Catalan writer and journalist Martí Casanovas assesses some work by the Belgian painter Pierre Flouquet that had been brought to Cuba by the poet Mariano Brull. This work was presented at an exhibition promoted by the journal [...]
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