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  • A fin de cuentas, todo eso de la pintura racista y socialista de Méjico y Perú no es sino folclore
    More, Federico, 1889-1955
    The anonymous author of this article contrasts the favorable response on the part of Peruvian intellectuals and artists to the work of Spanish artist Victorio Macho and their response to María Izquierdo, considered “ambassador of a hypothetical [...]
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  • De arte : la exposición de María Izquierdo
    This is a review of the exhibition of work by María Izquierdo at the ICPN (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano) in Lima. “Tiziano” [Titian] describes her exhibition as “an interesting spiritual message from the Aztec nation and a [...]
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  • La exposición de María Izquierdo
    Pereira, Raúl María, 1916-2007
    In this text, critic Raúl Pereira asserts that the works by María Izquierdo on exhibit in Lima display “distinct personality, unquestionable artistic quality, and visual daring” as they delve into the motifs of Mexican folk art. The treatment [...]
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  • Nota de arte: primera exposición de Fernando de Szyszlo
    Barreto, Juan, 1913-1991
    The author praises Fernando de Szyszlo’s first exhibition (May 1947) for breaking with the “imitative painting” practiced by other young [artists] “who adhere to the dead formulas of the Escuela de Bellas Artes.”  Identifying “two views [...]
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  • Primera exposición de Fernando de Szyszlo
    Eielson, Jorge Eduardo
    Jorge Eduardo Eielson discusses Fernando de Szyszlo’s first exhibition at the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano in Lima. The Peruvian poet and visual artist (who later settled in Italy) describes de Szyszlo’s work as “painting that is [...]
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