Name Descriptor: Marisol, 1930-×
  • Introducción
    Medina, José Ramón, 1921-
    This essay by José Ramón Medina studies the production of artist Marisol [Escobar]. Medina discusses specific traits of the artist’s personality pertinent to her work, among them an incisive sense of satire, a spirit of protest, and an interest [...]
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  • Marisol : un acuario para soñar
    D'Amico, Margarita
    This interview by journalist Margarita D'Amico with Marisol [Escobar] begins with a brief look at the exhibition on the fish theme held at the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York. D’Amico asks the artist about the most important characteristics of her [...]
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  • Itinerario de Marisol
    Diament Sujo, Clara
    In this essay about the work of the sculptress Marisol, the gallery owner Clara Diament de Sujo provides a brief biographical sketch of the artist’s childhood and youth, and a list of the group exhibitions in which she has participated. She [...]
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  • Marisol
    Bernstein, Roberta
    In this essay on sculptor Marisol [Escobar], North American curator Roberta Bernstein provides a chronological description of her work, analyzing the vast majority of her creations and the different phases of her production. She describes the [...]
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  • Para encontrar a Marisol
    Guevara, Roberto, 1932-1998
    In this essay, Roberto Guevara begins reviewing the work of the sculptor Marisol [Escobar] by discussing her career as a visual artist. He focuses mainly on the iconographic aspect of her work and explains that, thanks to this feature, she has [...]
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  • Marisol madera fina
    Rodríguez, Albor, 1970
    This essay by Albor Rodríguez on Marisol [Escobar] describes her personality, as well as her home workshop, located in New York City. The author offers a short biography, pointing out the most important milestones in her artistic career, her most [...]
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  • Marisol in the 60's - social satire and search for identity
    Hyuga, Akiko
    This essay by Japanese art critic Akiko Hyuga on the art of Marisol [Escobar] is divided into three parts. In the first, Hyuga examines the origins of Pop art in North America, discussing its influence and major exponents. He then considers how [...]
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  • [Nunca ha sido expuesta en Venezuela...]
    Hernández, Agueda
    In this essay on Marisol [Escobar], Venezuelan curator and gallery director Águeda Hernández analyzes her creative concept by drawing relationships between the works that (at that moment) were in Venezuela, in both public spaces and museums, and [...]
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  • Marisol
    Fernández Molina, Antonio, 1927-2005
    In this essay, the writer Antonio Fernández Molina examines the artwork of Marisol [Escobar]. The writer highlights the way the sculptor uses unconventional materials in her work, noting that her most important qualities are her personality and her [...]
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  • Con Marisol y a veces sin ella : crónica de una no entrevista
    Guevara, Roberto, 1932-1998
    In this essay, the Venezuelan critic Roberto Guevara not only addresses the Pop art work of the Venezuelan-North American sculptor Marisol [Escobar] but also the varied characteristics of her personality. Guevara examines the underlying true [...]
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