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  • [El dibujo y el grabado han contando en el arte colombiano...]
    Serrano, Eduardo, 1939-
    The text, ¡Al Fin Pintura! (1976) [Painting, at Last!] was an introduction to the exhibition with the same name at the Galería Belarca in Bogotá, organized by Eduardo Serrano. This art critic emphasizes the acceptance of the drawing and the print [...]
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  • Ana Mercedes Hoyos premiada en la exposición “Espacios Ambientales”
    This article documents a $20,000 prize awarded to the Colombian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos for her work in the exhibition Espacios ambientales, held by the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá (1968). The work awarded the prize was Blanco sobre blanco, [...]
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  • Do mundo, a América Latina. Entre as geometrias, a sensível
    Pontual, Roberto, 1939-
    This essay posits the concept of “geometría sensível” [Sensitive Geometry] as one of the unitary characteristics of contemporary Latin American art, and notes the growing interest (within the region and further afield) in the art produced in [...]
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  • El Salón Nacional de Pintura : en el país de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey
    Alternativa (Bogota, Colombia ; 1974)
    “El Salón Nacional de Pintura: En el país de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey” is an interview-conversation between the editorial staff of the magazine Alternativa and four important figures in Colombian art of the seventies: Colombian-Cuban art [...]
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  • El VII Salón Atenas : "Ya que estamos"
    Traba, Marta
    Written by Marta Traba and published in the magazine Arte en Colombia, “El VII Salón Atenas” is perhaps the harshest criticism of the Colombian salons held in November. Traba argues that despite belief to the contrary, the Salon Atenas has not [...]
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  • Hablan los artistas : el estado y la cultura
    González Uribe, Guillermo, 1955
    In March 1988, journalist and editor Guillermo González Uribe, then editor-in-chief of the journal ¡Viva el arte! interviewed nine Colombian artists of different generations to ask their opinions about the following: What function should be [...]
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  • Los que son
    Traba, Marta
    This document is excerpted from the catalogue for Los que son [Those Who Are], the exhibition organized by Marta Traba at the Galería Marta Traba in Bogotá (May 3–16, 1968). The catalogue includes ten brief critical and biographical reviews of [...]
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  • Propuesta para una doble lectura
    Traba, Marta
    The article “Propuesta para una doble lectura” is a statement of principle as well as a thesis that Marta Traba formulated on the occasion of an exhibition of Modern Colombian art in Paris. In this text, Traba provides a periodization of [...]
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  • Recordando con ira
    Traba, Marta
    In this text, critic Marta Traba reviews the exhibition entitled Pintura y Grabado Hoy en Venezuela [Painting and Printmaking in Venezuela Today] held at the Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango in Bogotá in 1968. She questions the representativeness of [...]
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  • Una mirada sobre el Salón
    Traba, Marta
    In this article, the theoretician Marta Traba critiques the 1978 Salón Nacional de Artistas. The Salón has been an annual fixture since 1940, and is considered the most important event on the Colombian visual arts calendar. In her article, Traba [...]
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