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  • Las quelcas de Sarhua
    Razzeto, Mario, 1939-
    In this essay [Mario] Razzeto discusses the work by Guamán Poma de Ayala—a chronicler of Inca lineage and author of Nueva Crónica y Buen Gobierno (1615)—explaining that it is a history of discourse or records of events that are juxtaposed [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1140999

  • Las qellkas de Sarhua
    Sabogal Wiesse, José, 1923-1983
    This essay was written by the agronomist and specialized Andean culture researcher José Sabogal Wiesse for the brochure for the exhibition Q’ori Taq’e. Taller de artes de Sarhua that was held at the Huamanqaqa Gallery in Lima in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1140983

  • Hacen Quelcas
    Espinoza Haro, Nilo, 1950-
    In this interview, Primitivo Evanán Poma explains to Nilo Espinoza that in Sarhua, the country village where he was born, “it was the custom that relatives would give quelcas or painted wooden boards to families that built a house and put a roof [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1140967

  • [Hemos llegado hasta casi la cumbre del cerro...]
    Nakamura, Félix, 1938-
    This text was written by Félix Nakamura for the catalogue for the exhibition Los pintores de Sarhua, that took place at the Huamanqaqa Gallery in Lima in 1977. Nakamura provides an account of his visit to the workshop operated by the artists Víctor [...]
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  • [Sarhua ha sido siempre un pueblo de agricultores, ganaderos, pintores y artesanos]
    Macera, Pablo, 1929-
    In this essay Pablo Macera states that although various anthropologists had studied the social organization of Sarhua (in the Departamento de Ayacuco), nothing was known about the quelcas or painted boards produced in this region until a few years [...]
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