Name Descriptor: Valera, Víctor, 1927-×
  • Una música muy recta, cuadrada y rectangular
    Casique, Teresa
    This interview with Venezuelan sculptor Víctor Valera by journalist Teresa Casique makes mention of the artist’s early exhibitions of painting, specifically the one held in Paris in 1953 and the one held at the Ateneo in Caracas in 1965 (there is [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1172378

  • Arte y arquitectura
    Jiménez, Ariel
    In his essay about the Venezuelan sculptor Víctor Valera’s synthesis of the arts, Ariel Jiménez discusses the concepts of “artistic integration” and “the synthesis of the visual arts,” highlighting the social and collective ramifications [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1161764

  • Conversación con Víctor Valera
    Cárdenas, María Luz
    María Luz Cárdenas talks to the Venezuelan sculptor Víctor Valera in a three-part interview arranged in chronological order. In the “Background” section, Valera describes his early academic training in Venezuela and his art residency in Paris [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1161748

  • Victor Valera : papeles perforados
    López Quintero, Juan Carlos
    In his essay on Víctor Valera’s Papeles Perforados [Perforated Papers] series, curator Juan Carlos López Quintero describes his stay in Paris during the 1950s and his connections to other Venezuelan artists; especially Jesús Soto, with whom he [...]
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  • Pintura y escultura en la Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas
    “Luis Navarro” (possibly a pseudonym of the author) meticulously describes the participation of each one of the artists involved in the arts integration project led by architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva at the Ciudad Universitaria of Caracas. [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 864255

  • Disiente del criterio del jurado el pintor Alejandro Otero, por lo que atañe al Premio de Escultura
    Alejandro Otero publicly expresses his disagreement with the choice for the Official Sculpture Prize, which the jury at the XVIII Salón Oficial de Arte Venezolano awarded to the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Gregorio shortly after the latter’s arrival [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 813821

  • Carta a Miguel Otero Silva
    Otero Rodríguez, Alejandro
    In this open letter by Alejandro Otero [Rodríguez] to his  journalist friend, Miguel Otero Silva, the Venezuelan artist brings forth his objection to the National Sculpture Award given to the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Gregorio at the XVIII Salón [...]
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