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  • Pintura Pau-Brasil e antropofagia
    In this text, painter Tarsila do Amaral provides an overview of her artistic career, specifically in relation to the Pau-Brasil movement and to cultural “anthropophagy.” She emphasizes the importance of the trip she took to Minas Gerais in 1924 [...]
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  • Tarsila
    This document is the catalogue for a solo exhibition of work by Tarsila do Amaral at Galerie Percier in Paris, which featured works from her Pau-Brasil period. The preface, written by Swiss poet Blaise Cendrars, came to be known as the poem to “Sã [...]
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  • Tarsila : Rio-1929
    This catalogue for the first solo exhibition in Brazil of painter Tarsila do Amaral contains texts on her work by José Severiano de Rezende, Waldemar George, Maurice Raynal, Maximilian Gauthier, Raymond Cogniat, Christian Zervos, Tasso da Silveira, [...]
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  • Tarsila do Amaral, a interessante artista brasileira, dá-nos as suas impressões
    In this interview the painter Tarsila do Amaral talks about Cubism and delivers a spirited defense of this modern movement. She sees it as an innovation that will lay the foundations for the art of the future. Just returned from Paris, she calls “ [...]
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