Creator: Machuca, Guillermo, 1961-2020×
  • Realismo y crisis de la representación pictórica
    Machuca, Guillermo, 1961-2020
    In his essay “Realismo y crisis de la representación pictórica” (Realism and Crisis in Pictorial Representation), Guillermo Machuca addresses several critical points regarding the visual arts in Chile during the 1960s. They include, [...]
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  • El ojo y la mano
    Machuca, Guillermo, 1961-2020
    Guillermo Machuca analyzes the work that Arturo Duclos produced in the 1980s (his first period) and then in the 1990s. The artist’s work, which is indifferent to the goals pursued by language (signs and meanings), forgets past references and [...]
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  • La historia y sus carencias. Introducción
    Machuca, Guillermo, 1961-2020
    In this essay, Guillermo Machuca discusses the evolution of Chilean art, from the founding of the Academia de Pintura to the artists of the 1960s, using the works in the collection held by the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Santiago) as a base. [...]
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  • Ora pro nobis
    Machuca, Guillermo, 1961-2020
    Guillermo Machuca wrote “Ora pro nobis” about the exhibition of works by Arturo Duclos by the same name. In his essay, Machuca discusses the iconography of the works and the imagination that inspires them, making a distinction between & [...]
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