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  • Painted miracles
    Brenner, Anita
    In “Painted Miracles,” Mexican writer Anita Brenner examines the Mexican tradition of offering milagro paintings, or ex-votos, to the saints or to God as thanks for a miracle. Brenner explains that although the offering of milagro paintings was [...]
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  • Edward Weston nos muestra nuevas modalidades de su talento
    Brenner, Anita
    This is a review by Anita Brenner of Edward Weston’s exhibition in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Brenner discusses the differences of photography, stating that Weston is “emphatically a photographer and not a painter with a lens.” However, in her [...]
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  • Carlos Orozco como retratista
    Brenner, Anita
    The art critic Anita Brenner claims that Carlos Orozco’s caricatures are known even in New York. The article does not explain how they came to be published in The Nation and The Art Center Bulletin. Brenner supports her thesis by quoting Walter [...]
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  • David Alfaro Siqueiros : un verdadero rebelde en arte
    Brenner, Anita
    The author tells humorous anecdotes about the life of David Alfaro Siqueiros, beginning with an early one when his followers went to meet him at the train station upon his arrival in Europe. They were mighty surprised when—thinking they were to [...]
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