Creator: Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-×
  • Para leer a Gego entre la línea = Reading Gego between the line
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    This essay was written by Mari Carmen Ramírez, director of the department of Latin American art at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, on Gego and presented (as a lecture) at the symposium, Questioning the Line: Gego in Context / Cuestionando la Lí [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1159880

  • Entre la transparencia y lo invisible : la dimensión intermedia de Gego = Between transparency and the invisible : Gego's in between dimensions
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    Mari Carmen Ramírez investigates the theme of “transparency” as a basic element of Gego’s drawings. Ramírez asserts that both Gego’s drawings and her constructions are expressed in a perceptibly ambiguous plane. In fact, they result from [...]
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  • Re-materialização = Re-materialization
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    Undermining the guidelines of the exhibition Universalis: a desmaterialização da arte (XXIII São Paulo Biennial, 1996), Puerto Rican curator Mari Carmen Ramírez explains the contrarian concept of the “re-materialização” of art which, in her [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111101

  • Beyond ‘The Fantastic’: Framing Identity in US Exhibitions of Latin American Art
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    Mari Carmen Ramírez argues that exhibitions of Latin American and Latino art in the United States during the 1980s have promoted false, colonial representations of these cultures by championing the paradigm of this art as the “fantastic other.” [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1065386

  • Notas sobre la serigrafía : Entrevista a Lorenzo Homar
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In this interview with Puerto Rican curator Mari Carmen Ramírez, Lorenzo Homar explains how he became interested in the silkscreen technique after working at the División de Educción de la Comunidad (DIVEDCO) and on experiments aimed at achieving [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 863424

  • Oscar Muñoz
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In this text, international art critic Mari Carmen Ramírez points to Colombian artist Óscar Muñoz’s longstanding interest in drawing and its limits. She first remarks on the relative realism of Muñoz’s work insofar as it consists of copies or [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 860761

  • Entrevista a Domingo García por Mari Carmen Ramírez
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    This document is an interview conducted by Mari Carmen Ramírez, the Puerto Rican curator who is based in the United States, with Domingo García, the artist. In the interview, García explains why, after mounting an exhibition of portraits entitled [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 857597

  • Destellos del yo : el narciso criollo
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    The Puerto Rican curator, Mari Carmen Ramírez, who is based in the United States, analyzes over five decades of the work of the painter, Domingo García, using the self-portrait as her starting point. It is well-known that the artist executed [...]
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  • Los múltiples rostros de identidad: los íconos de Domingo García
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In the exhibition, Íconos de nuestra historia [Icons of Our History], the Puerto Rican artist Domingo García presented portraits of thirteen countrymen and women. In García’s opinion, these public figures were significant in the unfolding of the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 857546

  • Arte y tradición del cartel en Puerto Rico : conversación con Lorenzo Homar = Art and tradition of the poster in Puerto Rico : conversation with Lorenzo Homar
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In this interview by Puerto Rican curator Mari Carmen Ramírez, printmaker and artist Lorenzo Homar speaks of how he became interested in silkscreen; in addition to his career as a poster artist; the primary function of the poster medium; what [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 822261

  • Between two waters : image and identity in Latino-American art
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In this essay, curator and art historian Mari Carmen Ramírez argues that demographic trends and the emergence of multiculturalism have generated renewed debate about the conditions for representation and identity among marginalized groups. While [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 820488