Creator: Barboza, Diego, 1945-×
  • La caja del cachicamo
    Barboza, Diego, 1945-
    In this review of La caja del cachicamo, the action art event Diego Barboza presented at the Parque del Este (Caracas, October 1974), the Venezuelan artist describes its purpose and its components. The goal of the event is that the participants’ [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1154747

  • Buzón de Arte - Arte Buzón
    Barboza, Diego, 1945-
    This is the first issue of Buzón de Arte/Arte de Buzón, the Venezuelan bilingual (Spanish-English) (tabloid) magazine managed and edited by Diego Barboza as a vehicle for mail art. It includes reproductions of works by artists from several [...]
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  • Amigos = Friends
    Barboza, Diego, 1945-
    In this editorial, published in the second issue of the bilingual magazine Buzón de Arte/Arte de Buzón, the Venezuelan artist Diego Barboza—who was the director and editor of the magazine—describes the issue, explaining that [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1102014

  • Acerca de la poesía en acción
    Barboza, Diego, 1945-
    In his proposal/script Acerca de la poesía de acción the Venezuelan artist Diego Barboza explains the importance of this urban project. The performance is a collective experience in which participants wear (red and blue) hats which, in his opinion [...]
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