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  • Naturalezas de objetos muertos
    Kalenberg, Angel
    Clever Lara’s work is reviewed by the critic Ángel Kalenberg, who was also in charge of Uruguay’s contribution to the XLII Venice Biennial (1986). In Kalenberg’s opinion, Lara’s work is representative of the kind of painting that was [...]
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  • Dos años en una tarea
    Kalenberg, Angel
    This informational brochure was written by Ángel Kalenberg, the director of the IGE (Instituto General Electric) in Montevideo, founded in 1963. The brochure describes the various objectives and activities of the institute that had been carried out [...]
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  • Carlos González o la fundación del grabado uruguayo
    Kalenberg, Angel
    Uruguayan critic Ángel Kalenberg praises the woodcuts of Uruguayan artist Carlos González. He asserts that González is to South America what José Guadalupe Posada was to Mexico, mainly, a pioneer in the realm of art. His pivotal series of prints [...]
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