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  • [Sometimes he has two heads, many masks, four eyes, or fish for genitals...]
    Lippard, Lucy
    Renowned art critic Lucy Lippard compares Papo Colo’s artistry to an island like his native Puerto Rico that is also striving for independence. Trying to relate Colo’s painting style to what had become the shadow term of “expressionism,” she [...]
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  • Contact lenses, corrected vision
    Lippard, Lucy
    Art critic Lucy Lippard gives an overview of issues that have galvanized Latino artists in the United States to take action; the most notable causes being migrant workers rights in the 1960s and ‘70s, protests against United States interventions in [...]
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  • Sobre los cuernos de la contradicción
    Lippard, Lucy
    An American feminist critic, Lucy R. Lippard, writes an analysis of the works of Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar. In so doing, she makes use of the aesthetic and political positions of the artist, who has dedicated his life both to art and to the [...]
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  • Socio-political implications : paper read October 21, 1989 at the Taller Boricua Exhibition Colloquium
    Lippard, Lucy
    In this essay, art critic Lucy Lippard acknowledges that the Taller Boricua artists collective contributed to diversifying the New York art milieu in the 1970s and 1980s by engaging in political actions and creating works that explored issues of [...]
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