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  • “Los viajes del Barón de von Grau”
    Herazo, Álvaro, 1942-1988; Bernal, Delfina
    This 1978 interview with Enrique Grau by artists Álvaro Herazo and Delfina Bernal provides insight into how Grau viewed the art world. In it, Grau discusses his aesthetic concerns and beliefs as a painter, as well as his inclinations and points of [...]
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  • Esta soy yo : Delfina Bernal
    Bernal, Delfina
    This article, by the Colombian artist Delfina Bernal, was published in the Bogotá newspaper El Tiempo on November 10, 1963. Bernal wrote this article on the occasion of her first solo show at the Arte Contemporáneo gallery in the city of [...]
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