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  • Mexican painting : the portrait = La pintura mexicana : el retrato
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    Diego Rivera had an ongoing interest in popular art, which he began referring to as “Mexican popular art,” moving on from the ideas expressed in the previous article on retablos (see "Los Retablos: verdadera actual y única expresión pictórica [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 734152

  • Nuevas notas sobre Siqueiros
    Cardoza y Aragón, Luis
    Together with an article published by David Alfaro Siqueiros in México en el arte [Mexico in Art], the current document is part of a conversation between the artist and the Guatemalan critic Luis Cardoza y Aragón, concerning the current state of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 733020

  • Obras de Tina Modotti
    Molina, Renato
    Renato Molina Enriquez chooses four photos by Tina Modotti and through them unveils the beauty of a contemporary vision linked to industrial progress by finding in the photos of electric cables a refined sensuality. The photos are not a product at [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 734368

  • Retablos : the true and only pictoric expression of Mexican people = Los retablos : verdadera actual y única expresión pictórica del pueblo mexicano
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    Diego Rivera explores the circumstances of traditional Mexican folk art, in all its manifestations, and examines the problems created for artisans by the patronage of a public lacking in good taste, as well as by the influence of the minor arts of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 734088