ICAA Researcher: <p>Among the vanguard groups emerging in Argentina that experimented with the mass media, the initiative of a nucleus of artists and theorists, who, in 1966, intended to create a “new gender,” stands out. They call it “Arte de los medios de comunicación de masas” [Mass media art]. The founding public declaration of this group,—made  up by Eduardo Costa (1940–), Roberto Jacoby (1944–) and Raúl Escari—is recognized today as a crucial manifesto that marks the beginnings of Conceptual art, not only in Argentina, but also in the rest of the world.</p> <p>This is the text published by the artists mentioned above, upon the release of their first work, known as <em>El Antihappening </em>[The Anti-happening]. </p>×
  • Un arte de los medios de comunicación
    Costa, Eduardo; Escari, Raúl; Jacoby, Roberto
    Archivo de Roberto Jacoby, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Stemming from the idea (very advanced at that time) that the media invents events, those who are writing this decide to inform—by way of social news snippets, altered photos, and apocryphal testimonies—about a happening that never took [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 750362